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mother, wife, 
   outdoor lover,

I have always loved being behind the camera and capturing those special moments that happen in life.  As a teenager I loved photographing any and everything but especially nature/landscapes, As I married and had children I found that I equally enjoyed being able to catch sweet moments of my children and their friends. As my oldest started  horseback riding, capturing the bond between riders and their horses made me realize that serving others by capturing these beautiful moments was what I wanted to do.

hi there, i'm tiffany!

I can’t help myself. I love my job!

i'm so excited to photograph you!

Oceanside or Mountainside I love the beauty in nature.

i love being outside.

I want you to love your images!

"Tiffany at Roam Free Imagery photographed our wedding in June, 2020. Not only did she do an outstanding job, being in just the right place at just the right time, she caught us being perfectly happy. She was so easy to work with, and made us feel so at ease. She took great photographs of us indoors and outside with equal skill. We highly recommend her for any special occasion."

- Lyn and marty


"Love Roam Free Imagery! Pure talent and able to capture every great memory. Highly recommend for any photo session. We’ve used her multiple times and never disappointed"

- stephanie

"Tiffany shot our wedding this summer , and we’re so thrilled with the results! She was easy to work with all the way through and created a beautiful collection of moments from our day. Highly recommend!"

- Hillary and alex

"I’ve had the pleasure of Roam Free Imagery photographing my daughter this show season. Tiffany has an eye for capturing the bond between the horse and rider. She frames each image with her professional expertise and appreciation for the subject matter. Tiffany anticipates small moments and weaves a narrative with her lens that celebrates the occasion. I treasure Tiffany’s images and highly recommend Roam Free Imagery."

- amy

I want to make sure that I serve you by creating images and an experience that is uniquely designed for you.  Contact me now to set up a consultation phone call to discuss what your experience would look like.

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